martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Sleep Well...

I wish I can take care of your dreams tonight & kiss you with every star that shines in your eyes.
I wish I can hug you with every breathe I take tonight,
because is there when I pronounce your name in silence.
I miss you even when you are next to me.
You are the muse, the music & the air...
You give me the words I can't tell you.
I just hope God gives me the chance to see you every morning when I wake up and hear you every night I go to sleep.
I just can't shout to the world what you make me feel.
The words are hidden & the heart is open.
The ears are speechless and your voice turns into a beautiful melody I can't understand.
I wish all these would be real.
I don't want words anymore.
I don't want to think of you and say the words you won't ever hear.
I don't want to keep this love just for me...
But if the stars help me;
but if the sun & the moon & the rain & the wind help me,
We can make it work...
I have one life only, & I want to live it with you...

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